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Company History and Founder

Sayarer Systems Limited is the owner and developer of The Sayarer Systems  Platform (SSP)©. The SSP enables its users to gain access to the output of Sayarer Price Time (SPT) Indicator©, which is owned and developed by Duncan Sayarer.

The SPT Indicator© is a proprietary, numerically based, pattern recognition algorithm that aids traders and institutions position for favourable market outcomes.

The history of the SPT Indicator© and Sayarer Systems begins in 2014, when in my mid 20s and living in Stockholm at the time, I discovered a numerical pattern within the price action of Crude Oil. I had no programming skills at the time and, after manually documenting and checking hundreds of weeks of data using an excel sheet, I was able to crudely backtest my findings and upon confirmation, deduce outcomes with respectable accuracy with regards to expected directional behaviour of Crude Oil.

Realising what I had discovered, I decided to head back home to London and enrol at University to study Computing.

Being busy with work and rather too creative for the classroom, I dropped out midway through my second year, but I had already built at home a number of basic technologies, the SPT Indicator© being one of them.

Fast forward to 2023, after a successful career in enterprise technology sales, and a good few years in the markets, I decided to create a real product and fulfill my dream. Building a world class technology company. In June of that year I approached some professional developers in confidence, and the product was built and launched.

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Company Ethos

The SPT Indicator© is the IP of Duncan Sayarer and is available for Sayarer Systems clients only. There is no public toolset comparable to the Sayarer Systems Platform, thus we offer our clients an unrivaled edge.

The Sayarer Systems Platform is designed for professional traders, portfolio managers and institutions. We are not targeting a mass market of retail traders, and there is no auto sign up available for new users. We personally speak with every client and will maintain strict control over both new user acquisition numbers, and total user numbers.

This has been decided upon by Duncan to ensure the long term value of the SPT Indicator© and to ensure that it is not deprecated through public overexposure and or, over use by market participants at large.

We take this extremely seriously as we know the value of any market edge is intrinsically linked to its popularity, or lack thereof. We will not trade the value of our technology, or the commitments of value we deliver to our clients, for ever increasing user numbers.

For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.


Purpose built SaaS Platform

Designed for ease of use and visual clarity. Delivering you executable information, without the noise.

Proprietary Indicators and charts

Visualise the Sayarer Price Time indicator© natively within the platform and charts.

Automatic SPTI notifications

Receive SPTI email notifications for the markets that you have subscribed to.

Dashboard & Markets Monitor

Get a quick overview of the markets and the SPTI with the Sayarer Systems Platform dashboards and market monitors for multiple assets.

Research and testing

Regular and ongoing research is carried out to extend our product catalogue of tools and our asset libraries

Market Data

We use the best data sources for our indices, FX and Commodities to provide clients with a broad and reliable data set on daily, weekly and monthly timeframes.

Global Indices

Dow Jones
S&P 500
NASDAQ Composite



FX & Crypto


Whether you are a retail trader specialising in ES futures, a currency trader focusing on EURUSD or a macro trader managing a book for a global institution, we have the right toolset for you. Get in touch to learn more.

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